An Auroville experience (Day 3)

This is part 3 of a 4 part series titled ‘A trip that made a difference: Auroville’

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“Tourists don’t know where they have been, travelers don’t know where they are going” – Paul Theroux. 

We had booked the guest house for two days and were to drive to Mahabalipuram to explore the historic town and, if left with some time, visit Chennai. But, the place had mesmerized us to such an extent that if given an option, we would rather wrap up our lives from the illusive rat race and start afresh, right there, in the town brimming with art and marked by compassion, where wisdom is aimed for and, when achieved, is the only possession, where life is all that is. So, we decided to stay back and request Donata to let us stay for one more day. She agreed.

Breakfast at Samarpan
The morning followed the previous day’s agenda: To spend the morning in the lap of nature. I came to realize the power of our minds and the games it plays with us. There are those otherwise dull days when mornings are the most cursed parts of the day and such starts when leaving the bed when the entire world is in deep slumber seems effortless. ‘Amma’, as they call her, prepared delicious breakfast, enough for us to skip lunch. Samarpan was overflowing with people by now.  

Travel not only treats you with splendid landscapes and diverse cultures, it gives you an opportunity to meet people who, in certain ways, touch your lives. I believe in the circle of life, that there is always a reason behind your coming across somebody at a certain point of time. 

We met a family from Bangalore who were to stay in the guest house for a day or two. We built an instant rapport with them: Piyusha, a quick witted, fun loving lady with incredible sense of humor, Narendran who, in the beginning, seemed silent, their adorable son Renojay and the sweet girl Anita.

We decided to stay indoors for the rest of the morning. It is said, ‘Music is a healer.”but when already at peace, it is meditation. Music overwhelms you and a spring of emotions rush to your mind carrying you in a different state of awareness.

Farm Fresh

Time flew and it was noon. We were a tad hungry and had come across this small yet cozy place called Farm Fresh. The departmental store sold organic products inside and the sandwiches, burgers, organic pastries and fruits were served outside. The chefs, two young guys were diligently working towards providing the best eating experience to the guests. We ordered a Tuna sandwich and the honey-ginger-lemonade. Right across the road is Auroville bakery which is known for its fresh breads, croissants and quiches. We had our share of dessert with walnut and pineapple cake.

The changing colors of the shimmering water

By the time we came back, it started drizzling; we took a long walk on the beach. I have a strong affinity towards water bodies. They spawn confusions in my head and give me clarity at the same time. The sound of waves reverberates within me and the breeze feeds my soul. The waves kissed our feet just enough to greet us, inviting us to play with them with open arms.

Donata had promised us an italian meal. While she was cooking, with the rain and blackie with its usual energy in the backdrop, we, with our travel mates, engaged in what seemed like an endless conversation. That night, we had the most delicious pasta.

“In my end is my beginning” – T S Eliot

The thought of leaving the next day made us a little cheerless but the day ended with a promise: A promise to return to this fasctinating town of Auroville.

Eating out in Auroville: 

  • Solar Kitchen
  • Visitor’s centre cafeteria
  • Dreamer’s cafe
  • Tanto
  • Farm Fresh
  • Auroville Bakery

Apart from these, there are various options to eat in Auroville as well as on the way to the heart of Auroville.

This is part 3 of a 4 part series titled ‘A trip that made a difference: Auroville’

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2

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  1. It's so clear and I can feel the "little, yet significant" transformation you have achieved from the touch of "day-1 & 2". We all know about the adaptation of mind to environments. It was quick and you have justified yourself as a traveler. The transition of human mind from one frame (thoughts, beliefs & philosophies) to the other is a beautiful process and we all are privileged to read this from you. Waiting for the day-4 eagerly. Unfortunately, my comments could not get published for the previous ones. But it was nice read and loved it very much.

  2. Yes Vaas, Travel teaches you to reliquish the ego, rigidity and enables you to be stable in the face of any adversity. That is the beauty of traveling. 🙂

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