In Photos: Things to do on a lazy day in Auroville, Tamil Nadu

Over the last few years, I have found myself woven into the sentiment, “The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” 

“The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.” 

The dreamy dawns, a million shades of the sky, pristine water, the silence of the evenings broken by the roaring waves, an exemplar of co-existence, prolonged meals: Samarpan : this beach guest house in Auroville is all this and much more. With an intention to stay there for two days, we ended up staying for four and still haven’t got enough of the splendour.

1. Witness the magic

of nature by running down to the beach when the sun emerges from the sea and sit wide eyed through the changing shades of the sky

2. Read a book on the hammock

while the tree above sways in a trance and the sea breeze caresses your hair

3. Discover the concept of co-existence

by welcoming the presence of all living beings and give them their deserved space. How difficult is that to understand, I often wonder

4. Sip on the tea 

after a stroll along the deserted stretch of the beach

5. Savour the prolonged meals while staring at the huge expanse

unlike our part of the world where meals are incomplete without a television set or a phone in hand. Each meal is celebrated here

6. Share meals and experiences with the host

whose life is no less than an adventure. Amaze yourself with the inspiring stories from her well lived adventurous life back in Italy, India and her countless journeys

7. Revisit innocence

after meeting the village girl who might not have tasted the city life but sure knows how to find pleasure in identifying objects in a travel magazine; climbing trees and befriending the strangers she just met. It doesn’t take much to seek happiness, does it?

8. Turn strangers into friends

in a matter of seconds; spending the rest of the days cracking jokes and late night exchange of serious facts about the world, the world that we were currently far away from. Such are the vibes of this Utopian place! 



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