HIS Miraculous Ways

An Indian Brahmin family, which by some unknown reason was deprived of the privilege of having a girl child since two long generations, longed for the birth of a female infant. Finally, the eldest daughter in law delivered a girl child. Her parents were in raptures when she was born. The entire family was spell bound by the first gaze at her face.
In that part of the World, where the newly born girl child’s existence was brought to an end, instantly after her birth for some ridiculous reasons (girls are considered a burden in some parts of India), she was the luckiest to be the princess of her family. Every thing was moving smoothly; until her parents found something very strange with her. The girl was not able to figure out the things clearly. She failed to identify the objects placed next to her. They feared her being blind. Their euphoria was very short lived as they were informed by the doctors that she possessed congenital disorders coupled with subluxated lenses in both the eyes. The debility would not allow her to see beyond a couple of feet and possibly not even be able to go to school. Her father had planned the best for her life, but alas!
What people consider to be a co incidence but a miracle by the family, gave her a chance to not only study with the absolutely normal children but to do extremely well in academics. God sent angels in the disguise of the principal of the school, Mrs. Best, who agreed to give her the privilege to study with the most normal children and a girl named Nikki with whose support she could work wonders. (Who on this earth at the age of 3 would lend a hand to a partially disabled (rather, a differently abled) classmate?).
Today, she has completed her engineering with the most normal people, with good grades. She started channeling her creative energies through writing poems at the age of 11 and succeeded in getting to the semi finals of an international poetry writing contest and is dreaming to turn it into her profession.
She never had to bear an appalling physical pain but she was psychologically impaired, she couldn’t stand up even in a small group of people which some how resulted into a strong sense of inferiority complex, due to which she failed to socialize, she hardly had any friends. She was not encroached physically but her psyche sobbed like an infant. She often needed support in her academics which deteriorated the predicament.
Her worst nightmare approached when she started having a notion that no guy would choose her to be his better half and the fear of the loneliness started following her. This acted as fuel to the fire and her complex doubled. She thought that it is effortless for the completely disabled individual to get a mate and even easier for a normal being to get his companion but what about her? Why would one desire a partially disabled girl who can’t even see couple of feet away even with her pair of glasses of power 16 in which she appeared to be an ugly duckling. But again, an unknown entity revealed to her, the reality. The reality that the external beauty hardly matters, what matters is the beauty within and what counts the most is the attitude. And there was a sudden transformation in her persona. She started loving the way she was. Of course, she had that feeling deep in her heart, but she never let anybody know about it and finally, she dumped the feeling and abandoned it gradually. She waited for her Mr. Perfect and she knew there will be some body out there made exclusively for her.
When she got into the college, she discovered what true friends are, who loved and accepted her the way she was, with her weaknesses and supported her completely. They always inspired her to overcome her fear, the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, the fear of the new and contributed at every step to achieve heights which even the most normal students couldn’t.
Later she discovered that everything is destined. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. So, better not regret for the occurrences of the past. Instead, live in the present. HE is the one who never deserts HIS offspring. We all are HIS part, and he can never see us in pain.
She cursed HIM, disgusted herself and abhorred her existence, but, one fine day, The Almighty prompted into her ears, into her soul and into her conscience, that she was THE BLESSED.
She continuously fought with her sub conscious to achieve the knack to be herself, to be the over privileged and not the under privileged. She started loving herself for she understood that ‘To love others, you should love yourself.’
She hated being alone but learned that loneliness was the negative aspect of being alone, you should be in love with your own company.
She is none but me, HIRAL TRIVEDI. God does exist. Without his grace I would not have been able to reach where I am. Not to forget my family; who has been my pillar all through the way.

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  1. God Bless, Hir 🙂 You will find what you want, absolutely! HE will get it for you!

    And Kudos! You're a real inspiration!

  2. Truly inspiring story, am proud to have known and interacted with you in some way, ever!

    Keep up the good work Hir, more miracles are waiting to happen 🙂

  3. Usha ma'm and Aayushi…We all are way more blessed than a lot of people in this world. Thank you for the kind and encouraging words.

    GOd bless.

  4. Hiral, this is lovely n a heart touching story..totally inspiring..I believe in miracles and you are yet another special one I've seen or rather read about. God bless you with a bright lovely and a very pleasant future and I do hope I can meet you someday 🙂

  5. Thank you Divya, Your words mean a lot to me, i'd love to meet you 🙂

  6. wow…very nice 🙂

  7. Found my way here from your comment on my blog…thank you for visiting! This is a beautiful story, and you are a beautiful young woman. It is a pleasure to know you!
    And you're right, everything does happen for a reason.
    God is good, all the time. 🙂

  8. @Neo…thank you 🙂
    @Maureen…Faith is what keeps us alive 🙂 Thank you for visiting, Maureen.

  9. Hii Hiral , its absolutely touching and ofcourse inspiring !! Keep it up dear ! GOD BLESS YOU and miss you very much !!


  10. And to be able to share and express and feel good about yourself while thanking God.. qualities which are so rare.. but then you appear to be a rare human being.. well..have decided to follow your blog…would love to read more of your writings…God bless!!!

  11. Thank you Ramesh, Praise the Lord 🙂

  12. this is just the beginning Hiral!
    Miles to go before u sleep… U've ur dreams to keep..

  13. i dont know where my last night comments flew away…:(

  14. @ Darshit, trying to keep them alive 🙂
    @Mehul, doesnt matter 🙂

  15. Every human is a sum of his/her convictions… And you crunch up a huge number, Ma'm.

    Way 2 go… Keep goin' !

  16. I appreciate the kind words. Thank you 🙂

  17. I would say "The beginning" You are on a journey. Good luck 🙂

  18. Never knew the other side of this girl 🙂 You are blessed and I have to confess that at moments of despair, blogs like this and persons like you could really inspirational. Keep writing. Cheers ..

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