The Sparkling Water of Mandvi Beach

The Sparkling water of Mandvi Beach

When on a vacation, dawns and dusks are the times of the day when I don’t prefer staying indoors. They invariably offer you a glimpse of heaven. After I witnessed the changing colors of the sky resulting in vivid shades of blue in Auroville ( Read An Auroville Experience ), I dug out the old photos and found this.

We had spent a night in Mandvi after a 450 kms ride from Dwarka, Gujarat. The next morning’s plan was to visit Vijay Vilas Palace and leave for Dhordo (the village closest to The White Desert).

Being this close to the beach and missing out on the sunrise would be an injustice to the chosen coastal route of Gujarat and our loss at the same time. So we headed to the beach, took a stroll for the much needed warmth and witnessed the sparkling water acknowledging the sun of its grace. 

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  1. Hiral that is a lovely picture!

  2. Thank you Mridula. 🙂

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