The World sans Hues

Attachments resulting in detachment, what an irony!


On the crowded station in Ahmedabad, the old man looked completely detached from the surroundings. I wonder if he is really at peace with himself or trying hard to camouflage the whirlwind inside.
With all the captivating colors surrounding him, he seems to be failing at capturing their real essence. The reason? Go figure.

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  1. His body language reads like he is very worried.
    Great shot and good effect with B&W!

  2. There is really something about black and white pictures that make them stand out and this ones really taken well .. Great job Hiral and i love what you've written. so true.

  3. True, black and white pictures, according to me, intensify the emotions. 🙂 Thank you.

  4. Beautiful… well captured. The shot tells story about this man – liked it.

  5. He looks tired… beautifully captured.

  6. He indeed was…very tired and lost. 🙂

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